Having a business based out of your home can be incredibly convenient: your commute is non-existent, you can work in your pajamas, and you can choose what time you start and finish each day. However, working from home can be quite difficult without a dedicated workspace. To increase productivity and feel more clear-headed while you work, aim to set up a dedicated office space in your home. If you don’t have room in your current home, Michelle Thomas can help you find a house that will suit both your business and personal needs.

Elements of a great office

Your home office should be your personal business haven, allowing you to get creative, be productive, and perhaps most importantly, give you some privacy from the rest of your household. While you may not need a big space, there are some important design elements that will help you get your work done. First, make sure you have a desk and comfortable chair. Get proper lighting for your office, using lamps if necessary. Try to pick a room or space in your house that has some natural light, and consider adding some houseplants to soften the room. If you have enough space, you may want to add a couch to give yourself somewhere to relax and take breaks. Family Handyman suggests getting creative with your storage, and aim to house items either vertically in bookshelves or drawers, or along the wall on floating shelves. Home offices tend to be on the smaller side, so maximizing your square footage is important.

Building your new office

If your home simply doesn’t have space for your home office, consider ways you might build a new room or repurpose areas such as your attic or basement. If you have a backyard, consider building a prefabricated office shed. This can often be cheaper than adding a new room onto your house and will help give you true privacy away from the hustle and bustle of your house. They’re usually quick to build, and many are made with environmentally friendly materials. And if you’re savvy with tools, many are DIY which will save you money. You can also renovate parts of your house to make them into an office. Attics and basements are common areas to repurpose and can offer privacy for business owners who live in a busy house. Be sure to call in a builder to get a quote and to survey the space before launching into construction: you may need some structural reinforcements to safely use the space.

Buying a new home

Some houses just aren’t big enough for a home business, so if you need to find a larger home, remember to carefully consider what elements are necessary for both your business and personal life. Before jumping into buying a new home, consider the following first: if you’re in debt, look into options for financial relief. Rather than having your wages garnished, look into ways to manage your debt by reaching a settlement, getting a consolidation loan, going to debt counseling, or filing for bankruptcy. You’ll be much more likely to improve your credit score and be able to save for a down payment once you take care of your debt. A home-based business should have a dedicated office space, so make some changes in your home to create space for yourself. You can build a prefabricated office in your backyard or renovate your attic or basement—or look for a new home that contains the right elements for your needs. But before you start shopping for a new home, get your finances under control by relieving debt and improving your credit score—then connect with Michelle Thomas for help finding the perfect place.  


By: Tina Martin Image via Unsplash