Over the last few weeks, the real estate market changed dramatically. For a while now, we’ve seen both sales and prices rise. But, since COVID-19 hit our shores, things shifted. Don’t get me wrong. People still buy and sell houses in Naples. However, physical tours no longer happen. We now rely on virtual home tours. Did one of these strike your fancy? Congratulations! Now the next step: writing an offer. Learn how to write an offer during this new era in the real estate market for your best chance at success.

How to Write an Offer During a Pandemic


Not a good idea during a seller’s market. Certainly not a good idea during a pandemic. With current protections from foreclosure currently available, many sellers can afford to wait for a better offer. Plus, some sellers opted to take their properties off the market and wait it out. Less inventory means prices stay pretty close to the same before the pandemic. If you offer too low of an offer, you might anger the seller. However, circumstances may dictate that a less-than-asking offer is appropriate.

Is the seller under a time crunch? Is the property priced too high for the market? As in times before the COVID-19 outbreak, this could warrant a lower offer. Before you write an offer, talk to your agent. Have them check out the comps in the area to help you determine a fair price.

Closing May Take Longer

Before COVID-19, we had to “hurry up and wait”. After an offer is accepted, you need to wait for the appraisers, home inspectors, repairs (if needed), and paperwork processing to be completed. Now, appraisers, home inspectors, and repairmen all might take a little bit longer as they change over to working remotely and adjusting to limitations now in place. A 30-day escrow request may not be possible. Keep that in mind when you write an offer.

Secure Funding ASAP

Honestly, you should try to secure financing before you start looking for a Naples home. If not then, then as soon as possible afterward. Most sellers want to see an approval letter from a lender included with an offer. Interview several lenders (starting with your own bank) to find the perfect fit for your situation.

Michelle Thomas, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, Luxury Naples/Marco Island Homes & Condos