Now is the perfect time to start gardening. If you are thinking about selling your home now or in the future, this is a great time to take a few steps to boost your home’s curb appeal — the first impression visitors’ have from the outside of your home. You might be surprised by how a few upgrades can change the entire look of your home, by following these curb appeal tips. 

Trim trees and hedges

One of the first actions you can take to move your curb appeal up a notch is to get rid of the “clutter” in your garden. If trees or hedges became overgrown during the winter months, now is the time to trim them back, to show off the front of your home and allow light to shine on it. You can try to take on this project yourself, but if you have any doubts, hire an expert to advise you about what needs to be hauled away, and what can stay put.

Update walkways

Walkways can take a beating during the winter months from salt, ice, and snow. If your walkway is cracked in some areas, you might want to consider repairing or replacing it, but know that it might come at a high price tag, depending on the condition: The national average is $2,476 for a professional contractor to install a concrete walkway. If your walkway is uneven, a contractor can raise sunken slabs for a few hundred dollars. Once the pathway is even, you can add a stamped concrete overlay to add a brick, slate, or natural stone look. Another option is edging — digging a narrow trench along your pathway — or what’s called spade-cut edging, to give the entryway a clean appearance.

Add planters and container gardens

Flower beds take time and upkeep, but planters and container gardens can appear in a weekend to create a full and lush look. A couple of strategically placed planters around your front door can also add color and green, creating the feeling of a welcome invitation for guests. Consider varying them by height, size, and style, and including a diverse grouping of greenery and flowers. Planters are excellent budget-friendly curb appeal updates, because they don’t require a major financial investment, and if you don’t like how they look in one spot, you can move them to another area of your property. 

 From lawn to rock garden

Did you find a patchy lawn under the melted snow? Don’t worry. Replacing a lawn is a major endeavor, and keeping it up with mowing adds to the work. If your lawn has seen better days, you can consider replacing it completely with a rock garden, or adding rocks where the lawn is bare, using landscape edging to define a border, and then filling rocks in to take up the space.


If you are going the rock garden route, or even if you aren’t, succulents can up your curb appeal by adding green with minimal upkeep. Infrequent watering and no trimming mean they might just be the perfect curb appeal upgrade. Succulents and cacti also add texture and color while expressing an on-trend vibe.

Get colorful

Did you know that the colors at the front of your home could influence a buyer’s first impressions about it? When you are considering adding a pop of color to your planter boxes or yard, pick your colors carefully. White can evoke feelings of cool and calm, red can be exciting and energetic, and blue is always a safe bet as it conveys trust. The front of your home is like an advertisement, and color is another tool to help your home show its best side.

Take advantage of the warm weather by giving some love and attention to the front of your home, you may be surprised by how a few upgrades can pique a potential buyer’s interest.